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Geetha K (on yelp)

We have been going to Madras Groceries from little more than two years and very much satisfied with the quality and variety of produce. I was quite happy to see the Grand Sweet and Snacks items included here as i used to bring varieties while travelling and now i don't have to worry at all. It makes me nostalgic while listening to their background tamil songs. All in all a decent place. Also next door is Madras Cafe, now come on who wouldn't want to eat some fresh steaming dosas next door and jump in to buy something quick and easy. Weekends could be crowded so i suggest to visit sometime in late evening as they are open till 10p.m or so. Many varieties of veggies and spices. Go through aisles you might find something that you wanted from a very long time and couldn't find anywhere else.
Deepa M (on yelp)

This is my regular grocery store...the store is clean and its easy to find stuff around. I get all of my Madras stuff from here from Vattals to Ambika applams to Grand sweets (if you are lucky) ... The staff is also very helpful. The last time I was there they missed an item that was billed, I just had to call them and let them know and was refunded it the next time.
Senthil A. (on yelp)

One of the best Indian groceries in Bay area. Its pretty close to my house. So, I go there pretty often. The good thing is they are open till 10pm which makes me easy for any late night visit.
Niru s. (on yelp)

This is definitely my most favorite Indian grocery store in the bay area. That is saying a lot, as there are tons of indian stores in the Sunnyvale / santa clara area. Its very clean and well organized. Its a comparatively small store, which makes it easy to find what you need quickly. Given the size, their selection is very good - they have most of the commonly used Indian groceries. Its a busy store, and the produce is mostly fresh, but its never crowded like some of the other places I have been to.
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